The insurance industry is undergoing a major transformation due to the rise of digital solutions that reshape practically every process. Workflow automation has now become the cornerstone of staying competitive in the current market reality. Companies are investing in custom software built to achieve goals from reducing long-term costs and eliminating human factor risks to optimizing employee performance and delivering a fantastic customer experience.

At Maxima Consulting, we believe that expert insurance software development holds the potential of reinventing key insurance products and processes. Building on the years of experience acquired in the financial services industry, our team develops solutions dedicated to the unique requirements of the insurance sector. Our solutions accelerate client interaction and order processing, offering remote access to key information.

How insurance organizations benefit from technology


Data Analytics

Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning are having a massive impact on how insurance companies generate, process, and analyze data. Modern solutions come with built-in options for generating detailed reports, processing documents in search of data, uncovering patterns in customer behaviors, and predicting the future demand for insurance products or services in specific customer segments.


Workflow automation

Reporting, communicating with clients, sending notifications, and delivering services can be accelerated thanks to innovative solutions such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Insurance software solutions can create key documents automatically by using templates and adding customer data, assist in claims processing, or deliver 24/7 customer service via AI-powered chatbots.


Reduction of human errors

Manual input of data and report generation come with a high risk of error. Software solutions capable of processing data greatly reduce the number of human errors by monitoring all of the processes carried out in the organization. Such systems monitor transactions, calculations, and user requests to help agents be more productive and accurate.


Systems Integration

High-quality insurance solutions can integrate well with other tools used by insurance companies such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. They also integrate with analytics tools, regular spreadsheets, or third-party services like telephony.



Since insurance organizations handle a lot of sensitive customer data, they need to equip their systems with optimal protection against data leaks and cybersecurity threats. Modern solutions keep data protected, ensure full compliance, and provide sophisticated authorization methods to secure all digital assets.



Insurance companies need to be more agile to address market demands and gain access to disruptive technologies that drive innovation. Legacy systems prevent them from jumping on the bandwagon of digital transformation. Moreover, their maintenance may generate substantial costs. We assist insurance organizations at every step of their cloud adoption, migrating key assets to the cloud, and setting up their cloud infrastructures to position them for success.

Mobile Technologies

We help companies to upgrade their systems and make their solutions more accessible and convenient for users. Our team can migrate stationary insurance software to a mobile application to offer the best experience to users. Moreover, a mobile solution enables insurance agents to follow business processes and interact with customers on the go. Mobile applications come with advantages such as mobile payments, geolocation, push notifications, and other smartphone features.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Insurance companies have used generic models to form blocks of business for preparing rates. But these models lack related data and its analysis. The Internet of Things is a technology that can collect specific data in real time to help your agents create individual insurance cases, including flexible and accurate rates.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP is a key format of software for the insurance sector. Such systems allow organizations to easily store and process large volumes of data. We build custom ERP solutions to help our clients implement a centralized database and improve data management and control.

Data warehousing

Data storage systems help insurance companies to solve the common problems that arise from storing large amounts of business assets. With our help, you can remotely accumulate, store, and process any amount of data without investing in expensive equipment, software licenses, and data center space. Cloud-based or hybrid storage systems provide centralized data access that includes mobile users, as well as optimal availability and resilience.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

By automating repetitive manual tasks that don’t require any special competencies, insurance companies can free their employees to more mission-critical tasks. Our solutions automate basic workflow processes with the help of scripts or bots. By integrating RPA into their processes, our clients accelerate their digital transformation and deliver services faster, building a strong competitive advantage.

Claims Management Software

We can help your company to minimize the number of routine tasks by developing a claims management solution. It automates claims processing, accelerates the analysis of key user data, and helps your staff to deliver a higher quality of service.

Risk Management

We help insurance companies to manage client data faster and with more accuracy by developing specialized AI-based software. Our specialists have experience in implementing complex AI algorithms to build innovative InsurTech solutions that improve individual risk assessment based on better particular client cases.

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