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Our other benefits depend on your work location, our recruiters will be happy to tell you more about them. If you’d like to learn more about our recruitment process, the questions that you can expect, or other aspects of working at Maxima, check out our blog.

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Employee Growth and Benefits

Expand your knowledge

Employees are encouraged to develop their knowledge, skills & capabilities in the terms of technical expertise, domain knowledge, career development and management.

Support for Higher Education

Continuing education is a direction that some of our employees may want to pursue and we encourage personal and professional growth. Our company offers a tuition reimbursement plan for individuals who would like to continue his or her education.

Our Recruitment Team

Our Values

We have a lot to offer and we're just getting started


As a company that focuses on long-term collaboration we highly value our employees, as they are the true strength of Maxima. No matter the gender, religion, location, and age, everybody is welcome in our company.


Being honest with everyone helps us build relationships, we’re always open for conversations. If there is a problem, we talk about it and solve it together, rather than pretending that everything is okay.

Hard Work

In 1993 Alan Jamal knew that creating a company means a lot of commitment and hard work. All of us are hard workers, we have dreams that we will turn into reality.

Long Term Thinking

We've always been long-term thinkers focusing on today and tomorrow. Each decision we make is made with the future in mind.


It’s incredibly important to trust your team, after all, we work together to achieve the same goal. Our clients trust us that we will deliver the best results and our employees’ trust that we will take the utmost care of them.


Every year the world is changing and those who don’t learn fall behind. The greatest benefit is self-development, we assist our employees in the development of their skills.

Recruitment Process

At Maxima we're always eager to meet new people, so check what we have to offer!

Employee Benefits

Medical coverage for yourself and your family members

401(k) retirement plan*

Holiday and vacation pay*

Dental & Vision coverage for yourself and your family members*

Direct deposit services*

Fully Sponsored Green Card*

Life Insurance for yourself and your family members*


Pension Contribution**

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