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We support a wide range of key Industries

We have become a strategic technology partner to many enterprises, thanks to our focus on long-term collaboration and quality. The incredibly high customer and employee retention we achieved over time testify to our ability to deliver powerful IT solutions.

The financial industry is at the core of our expertise developed over years of fruitful collaborations and strategic technology partnerships. We help banks and financial institutions from all over the world to leverage modern technologies and solutions such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, Big Data, GitOps, Cloud Solutions, Oracle, Temenos, and more. Our specialists develop and support IT infrastructures, Business Intelligence solutions, RPA tools, among others.

Today’s energy sector increases the rate of its innovation by frequent and substantial investments into digital solutions. Our experienced specialists support energy companies in cloud management and migration, database management, BI reports, maintenance, and support. We also deliver custom solutions that help to address key problems in the industry.

Public institutions and governments are looking to deliver better services to citizens and create an optimal citizen experience with the help of digital solutions. To achieve this, governmental agencies require software that is functional and fully secure. We help public organizations in sectors such as defense to make the most of these new technologies and boost their speed of innovation.

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving thanks to technological advancements. As providers develop new standards around EHR and implement AI-powered tools, they need skilled specialists to help them increase the speed and accuracy of their solutions. Healthcare companies can get all the support they need from our specialists who are experienced in delivering medical software solutions that offer a wide range of functionalities.

Traditional insurance companies are increasingly turning to digital solutions to boost their operational efficiency, build better relationships with customers, and compete on the market successfully. This is especially important since InsurTech startups are currently disrupting the sector. We help insurance providers to build their competitive advantage with custom solutions for claims management, team management, administration, and more.

Transportation companies are investing in technology to develop new business models and increase their operations. Digital tools for transportation and logistics businesses offer them unparalleled traceability and transparency. We help our clients leverage new technology trends by providing them with database and data warehouse services, fleet management solutions, development, testing, and integration with Automated Warehouse Robots.

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We provide our clients with bespoke solutions that address the unique requirements of the most demanding industries such as banking and financial services, insurance, logistics, automotive, and energy. Our services help to accelerate digital transformation and power business growth.

Cloud solutions

Whether it’s migrating applications to the cloud, setting up a cloud environment, or building ..

cloud-native services, our experts have the expertise to make it work. Organizations looking to reap the benefits of cloud computing need an expert to guide them through all the options and craft a cloud strategy. This is how we help enterprises make the most of their investment into modern cloud-based infrastructures.

Industry solutions

The growing demands from regulators and consumers, combined with increased competition on the ..

market force businesses to adapt. We help enterprises modernize and transform their legacy applications to match the requirements of modern industries. Legacy systems such as Temenos are no challenge for us.

Maintenance and Support

Enterprise software solutions are complex and require regular maintenance to fulfill their pur..

rpose. We develop and maintain enterprise applications, providing support at every stage of the software development lifecycle to ensure that our clients maximize their ROI. And when their business requirements change, we are ready to alter the solution so that it reflects the evolving needs perfectly.

QA and Software testing

Our talented QA specialists and software testers help enterprises to keep their code clean and..

d compliant with industry standards during the process of software development. We engage our experts at the earliest stage of building software solutions to ensure their high quality and performance.

IT infrastructure solutions

We equip enterprises with mainframe systems that take data privacy, security, and resiliency t..

to the next level. Our experts develop infrastructures to help organizations handle mission-critical workloads while maintaining reliability. The servers and storage services we ensure business continuity and bring in agility modern IT operations require today.

Custom software development

Tailormade software solutions are one of the smartest investments companies can make today. By..

y building custom software, we help organizations solve problems and achieve business goals faster. Custom solutions help to automate processes, make employees more productive and satisfied, and implement innovative approaches such as enterprise mobility.

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