Energy and Utilities

Today, energy companies have complex needs ranging from compliance with government regulations to integration with innovative industry-specific software. Modern solutions help energy companies to address these unique challenges by seamlessly integrating different systems, making data available across different departments, and providing a single access point to all the customer information.

By building an integrated system for fixed asset management, customer relationship management (CRM), or inventory and financial management, energy, and utilities organizations can achieve operational agility, automate their workflows, and deliver better service to customers. Digital solutions have become a key factor that builds a competitive advantage for companies in the energy and utilities sector today.

How software helps energy companies today


Oil and gas production

The production process generates many challenges that require advanced technologies to render the manufacturing process more productive and reduce its costs thanks to efficient management. For example, companies use software to design, verify, and provide more reliable equipment for drilling, production, transportation, and refinement at the lowest cost.


Sustainable solutions

Improving the quality of the natural environment requires innovative cleantech solutions that meet the demand for sustainable technologies. Energy companies follow this trend and invest in solutions that reduce their impact on nature when producing and distributing energy. Technologies like the smart grid or the use of computational methods to evaluate new products and concepts play an essential role here.


Engineering simulation

By simulating power generation scenarios, energy companies can add value to their offerings and significantly reduce the time and cost of designing, optimizing, and repairing equipment. As a result, they can address challenges quickly, evaluate new designs and concepts faster, and adopt or modify their processes to achieve compliance with industry and environmental standards.


Access to renewable energy

Renewable energy plays an increasingly important role in electricity generation. Software allows capturing its benefits and has become an essential asset for companies looking to build new renewable energy equipment. Simulation is important for testing new renewable technologies, minimizing their time-to-market, and making the entire process more cost-effective.


Off-grid systems

Build and operate innovative systems to access actionable insight for tracking and managing physical plants such as solar or wind farms.

Smart energy facilities

Bring together building operations and cutting-edge software to control energy-related services more accurately.

Energy management software solutions

Unlock the potential of your energy and achieve efficiencies and cost savings by tracking and forecasting utility consumption with innovative software.

Utility Billing

Streamline your billing process and reduce the manual steps in your invoicing to make billing communications easier.

Meter Data Management

Develop a solution that consolidates data from meters to enable your billing determinants to be more accurate.

Take advantage of artificial intelligence to power predictive analytics and optimize your performance.

Key challenges of the energy fact sector

Capturing, managing, growing, and tracking alternative energy sources.

Identifying process bottlenecks for maximizing savings opportunities, saving costs, streamlining processes

Delivering and producing energy at the right time and place.

Optimizing energy and operational costs to deliver better service to customers.

Building consistent data tracking and management solutions.

Maximizing the return on investments made into services and materials.

Building high resilience from downtime and service failures.

Achieving high availability and excellent quality of customer service.

Automating energy provision and delivering smart grid energy solutions.

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