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Why are governments using software solutions?


Digitizing public services

Public institutions meet citizens hallways by digitizing their processes and making services accessible via digital solutions such as web or mobile applications. Software helps them to automate human operations to save costs and replace paper-based or legacy systems with modern, scalable applications. Errors resulting from manual data input are no longer an issue. And governments can provide 24/7 service availability, unlimited by business hours.


Leveraging data analytics

The public sector generates, collects, and stores massive amounts of data. To unlock its value for smarter planning and strategy, governments invest in advanced data analytics to take advantage of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These solutions need to provide scalable data protection and privacy to allow safe data storage and ensure full compliance.


Building a frictionless process

By integrating digital solutions at the core of a government agency, managers get to capture the bigger picture presented by data in real-time. This provides a much more accurate view than simple statistics. Ultimately, access to data and data-driven decision making renders processes smoother, helping the public sector to realize policy goals faster.


Securing assets against cybercrime

Security is a top priority of the public sector today. The questions of data privacy and security need to be addressed in every new software implementation. That is why governments choose solutions that employ advanced security tools and testing strategies to ensure that sensitive data is fully protected. This helps to minimize the threat of cyberattacks and fraud, allowing agents to focus on their mission-critical tasks with full confidence.


Enabling seamless service delivery

Providing excellent citizen experience is a key concern of the public sector today. That’s why it’s important for every investment into customer-facing technology to focus on questions such as user experience (UX), optimal user interface design, usability, and accessibility.


Legacy Systems Modernization

At Maxima Consulting, we help local communities and public institutions to improve their processes and implement new software solutions to replace or upgrade legacy systems. While developing new solutions, we focus on addressing the most pressing problems of today’s digital environment, such as analytics, cybersecurity, customer centricity, and automation.

Process Automation

We develop HR and payroll solutions for public institutions that allow them to accelerate processes, spend less time on paperwork, and dedicate more time to critical issues. Our solutions come with the latest analytics capabilities, such as AI to enhance the productivity of in-house and remote employees and reduce the error rate coming from manual document processing.


We design and develop software used in government agencies to uncover insights from their data, improve planning forecasting, and deliver better service to citizens. Our teams use innovative technologies such as AI or the Internet of Things (IoT) to help the public sector develop a holistic approach towards questions such as energy and water sustainability.

Social services digitization

Our solutions help social service institutions to manage case-related information efficiently, improve case planning, streamline document management, and accelerate outcome reporting. By equipping teams with such capabilities, we take these organizations a step closer to providing more accurate and personalized customer service.

Mobile Technologies

We use our expertise in mobile development, IoT, and artificial intelligence to deliver solutions used by public sector employees and citizens. Our teams develop customer-facing applications that help the end-users access information, solve problems, notify the authorities about issues, and get help whenever needed.

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