Diversity & Inclusion

We're building a company you're proud to grow with.

Maxima Consulting was created with the vision to deliver value to our clients and promote employee well being. That's why we view diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DI&B) as critical, not just another checklist item.

Our employees, partners and clients speak different languages, go by different pronouns, and have unique racial identities. We believe that we’ve built a company that's reflective of their diversity. We’re committed to helping everyone do their best work, because we always put our people first.

Maxima supports Ukraine. Learn more about our initiatives.

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Diverse and inclusive company culture

We are an employer of diverse, talented, and hard-working individuals. We come from various cultural backgrounds, various continents and countries. However, we all share one objective: building business value through technology. Our company culture relies on diversity to deliver the best results that come from the meeting of different perspectives, expectations, and viewpoints. Together we create the most value.

Learning and Development

Maxima employees have access to learning resources and internal programs that help them perform in current roles and prepare for the future. We believe that personal development is incredibly important, that’s why we support our employees if they want to learn new skills or polish the ones they have. If anyone wants to grow, it’s our job to help them.

A responsible team

Everyone at Maxima is accountable and responsible for promoting inclusion to continually enhance our capabilities. Our leaders are developing a better understanding and appreciation of the uniqueness of each group in our company. Together we come up with ideas and initiatives to ensure that everyone grows, develops and matriculates through the firm. Every individual can drive change in our company to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Supporting Female Career Paths

We support women who want to redefine their career objectives, by equipping them with the skills, courage, inspiration and determination to reach their full potential, and navigate career or life changes. Maxima is building our female talent pool, by helping women get into the IT sector. We support all women, of all ages that want to start their careers in any role in our company. Our leaders identify female talent and support them in their professional goals.

Partnerships and communities

We partner with organizations who align with our values and the needs and aspirations of our employees. Currently we are supporting organizations that help women get into the IT sector, organizations that fight smog and global warming. We tutor kids from orphanages to help them in school.

Recruiting diverse talents

We are focused on embedding diversity into our recruiting and sourcing efforts globally creating equal employment and career opportunities. As a result, we are increasing our representation of women and minorities in our company.

Sometimes you have to leave early to take your kids to a doctor or just to take care of them. I’m happy to be a part of a company in which I can be both a manager and a mother.
Natalia Pawłowska - Szulc

Natalia Pawłowska - Szulc

HR Manager at Maxima Europe