Logistics & Transportation

The transportation and logistics sector is at the forefront of technological innovation today. Companies in this rapidly innovating industry are turning to brand-new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain to gain a competitive advantage, reduce operational costs, and deliver fantastic service to customers.

At Maxima Consulting, we help transportation companies to optimize their workflows and lower costs thanks to custom software solutions and mobile applications dedicated to warehouse management, supply chain, fleet management, and more. Our solutions allow organizations to achieve cost savings and increase their speed, which are two key factors that build a strong position in this industry.

The impact of technology on logistics and transportation


Integrated access to datasets

Transportation and logistics companies generate massive amounts of data generated by infrastructure, user devices, vehicles, and venue inventory. Software solutions help to unlock the value of this data and make sense of it by collecting, structuring, and analyzing it within one unified platform. This is how companies get extra business value and speed up their decision-making processes.


Cost reduction

Software solutions can help businesses to find out which areas of their operation are causing them to lose money - for example, delivery delays, fleet maintenance, complex workflows, or lack of usable data. Companies can then use these insights to lower their operational costs and even reduce the cost of their services, encouraging customers to switch from competitors.


Improved delivery efficiency

Another benefit of using technological solutions is the value they bring to planning the delivery. This type of software allows taking into account many different factors that may affect the speed of delivery. Companies use it to plan routes based on real-time location data and comprehensive analysis of historical insights. Transportation and logistics businesses can also uncover patterns in data to accelerate last-mile delivery by bringing parcels right to their customers’ hands using innovations like drones.


Excellent customer experience

Attracting and retaining customers in a busy market is more challenging than ever. That’s why personalization is such an important trend across customer-facing industries. Thanks to modern software, organizations can tailor their services to meet customer needs. Such solutions allow collecting location data at every point of the customer’s journey - while people are ordering products or waiting for shipments to arrive.


Fleet Management

We develop fleet management systems to help companies track their vehicles and analyze fleet performance using intuitive dashboards. Our team also delivers traffic management systems that collect and visualize traffic data with the goal of optimizing the vehicle flow.

Asset Tracking

By implementing an asset tracking solution, your organization gets to maintain a high level of visibility of its corporate assets. Our team can help you build software that tracks your shipments and monitors cargo conditions to deliver products in the best condition possible.

Navigation and Mapping

Our experts develop navigation solutions that help our clients in planning and execution. Route planning software is a key component for successful logistics businesses looking to build optimal routes and calculate accurate ETAs on the basis of real-time road conditions.

Supply Chain Management

We deliver supply chain management software that ensures the efficient delivery of shipments under changing circumstances. Such software solutions open the door to implementing more effective supply chains, easier management and distribution of orders, and streamlining all logistics activities.

Warehouse Distribution

Our team develops solutions that provide insights into inventory management and storage facilities for smooth operation. By using our software, your employees can optimize warehousing facilities and manage the inbound and outbound shipments and storage of supplies. We also create solutions your staff can use to document and analyze inventory management performance. Our solutions easily integrate with warehouse management systems and ERP software.

Freight Forwarding

Our tailormade logistics solutions automate shipment processes, minimize the possibility of manual errors, and make sure that freight delivery operations are secure and cost-effective. Equipped with our software, managers get to benefit from a wide range of tools for quoting, billing, and invoicing in one place.

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