Software testing and QA services

At Maxima Consulting, we focus on delivering high-quality software. To accomplish that, we invested a lot of time into developing our Quality Assurance processes and best practices implemented in software projects across different industries.

Thanks to our Quality Assurance services, you will gain control over your project lifecycle, monitor its development at every stage, and achieve the right product quality.

Our QA experts and testers leverage the latest practices and technologies to ensure high-quality project implementation for the largest enterprises around the world. We involve QA specialists right from the start to ensure the efficient performance of the entire development team and deliver bug-free software on time and within budget.

Benefits of software testing with Maxima Consulting


Industry experience

Every year, our Quality Assurance specialists ensure the smooth operation of software solutions developed in multiple projects for many different clients. During this time, they get to test web applications, mobile applications, complex enterprise software, IoT systems, and more. This is how we developed our battle-tested QA processes that deliver high-performing apps.


QA standards

Over the years, we have developed custom QA guidelines, best practices, procedures, and documents. We keep an eye on where the industry is going and add innovative QA approaches to our practice. As a result, our QA specialists prevent the failures from occurring and ensure high-quality delivery of every new software solution.


Fixing bugs

To deliver high-quality software, we rely on automated testing approaches that take the enterprise software architecture, code, and many other factors into account. Our DevOps engineers and QA testers work together to implement continuous and agile delivery.



Our experts follow best industry practices and processes to help our development teams in achieving fast time-to-market. We combine proven approaches with innovative solutions to automate testing wherever possible to make testing processes fast and accurate.

Manual testing

Manual testing requires our specialists to manually execute test cases. Our engineers describe test cases to verify the functioning of your application. In this type of testing, we don't use any tools. Our engineers trigger the right actions and check whether the software's performance matches the expectations.

Planning and management

We examine your process, projects, and the general approach your company takes towards software production. We need to learn more about your procedures to understand which of them can be streamlined or automated to help you become more efficient at testing and Quality Assurance.

Performance testing

How can you tell whether your application can survive a rapid increase in traffic? To check the capabilities and performance of software under stress, we deliver performance testing exercises that emulate workloads and help to eliminate errors or bottlenecks in your software.

Functional testing

Our experts know how to check whether the application production went according to the plan or not. We have smart tools and practices in place to easily validate a software system against the functional requirements and specifications.

Penetration testing

Our experts carry out penetration tests to detect vulnerabilities and get rid of them before you present your application to customers. This type of testing is essential to delivering data protection and security.

Why testing plays a key role in every development process

Cybercriminals usually look for weak points and vulnerabilities in software systems. If security isn't a priority during software development - for example, in favor of time-to-market - even minor vulnerabilities might have serious consequences and lead the entire system to become compromised.

Security testing is a bulletproof method for reducing such risks. It helps to avoid possible breaches and reinforces the existing security controls that prevent skilled attackers from breaking into systems. If you added a new network infrastructure application, established a new office location, modified your end-user policy, or significantly changed your corporate IT architecture, security testing is a good idea.

Why automated testing isn't the right fit for all scenarios?

Automated testing is far more reliable and faster than manual testing; there is no doubt about that. Automated testing increases the productivity of the development team thanks to fast feedback.

However, it's not a silver bullet. It can also cause the team to spend a lot of time on debugging tests. Automated testing allows for new and complex types of testing and generally improves the product quality. It's a good fit for performance, regression, and load testing, and highly repeatable functional test cases.

However, it doesn't fit any sort of visual or UX testing. Tests that aren't repeatable are not good candidates for automation.

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