IT Infrastructure Services

IT infrastructure is a critical component for every organization looking to take advantage of technology. But managing enterprise IT environments is challenging and involves making many decisions. Should your organization move its applications to a public cloud or choose an on-premises solution? What about data storage and networking?

At Maxima Consulting, we have years of IT experience and have helped many enterprises set up, manage, and optimize their IT infrastructures. Our experts can assist you in choosing the right components in areas such as hardware, software, networking components, operating systems (OS), and data storage options. Team up with us to deliver IT services and solutions your teams need to succeed.

Types of Software Infrastructure

Traditional Infrastructure

In a traditional infrastructure, all the components are owned by the organization and managed within its facilities. An on-premises data center used for storing all the digital assets is a good example of traditional infrastructure. This type of infrastructure is often considered expensive to run because it requires significant upfront costs related to hardware, power, and physical space.

Traditional Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

A cloud-based infrastructure is an infrastructure that delivers the components and resources required for cloud computing. Organizations can create a private cloud using their own resources or rely on a public cloud by renting cloud infrastructure from a cloud service provider like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure. By incorporating workload portability, orchestration, and management across multiple cloud platforms, an organization can create a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Infrastructure

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

This type of infrastructure allows enterprises to manage their compute, network, and data storage resources from a single interface. Since the software-defined compute and data storage are bundled together, they can support modern workloads with the help of scalable architectures on industry-standard hardware.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Benefits of Managed 
IT Infrastructure



Your infrastructure needs to change as your business grows. By outsourcing IT infrastructure management, you can quickly adjust to new business realities and evolving industry standards.


Managed Services

Outsourcing offers a complete package with proactive network monitoring and management, database and data center management, and security support. While the outsourcing provider manages the operations, you still retain full control without dedicating your time to it.


Reduced Risk

Market requirements and regulations change quickly. Outsourcing offers an easy method of managing security and compliance risks related to your IT infrastructure.


Access to Best-of-Blass Technologies

A single enterprise with limited IT resources might find managing and updating the entire infrastructure too time-consuming. A provider can keep track of everything and offer you expert advice on optimizing your infrastructure.


Focus On Core Business Tasks

By outsourcing the tasks related to managing and maintaining your IT infrastructure, you gain more time and resources to spend on your core business competencies and generate more business value.


1. Hire a team of specialists that can help your organization grow and win in your sector.

2. Build a team of experts to support your delivery. We offer customized models to meet your technical, operational, and budget needs.

Our Services


Develop a comprehensive strategy for end-to-end implementation of DevOps at your organization with our help. Our experts will help you to automate and accelerate the provisioning of new infrastructure for your project. We can help you speed up the process of applying infrastructure modifications, software updates, and bug fixing with a modern CI/CD pipeline and application release automation (ARA) approach.

Cloud computing

We can help you design, implement, and integrate the existing core services, such as compute, network, and storage, with brand-new hybrid and multi-cloud initiatives. Modernize data centers and networks using automation and software-defined capabilities with our help to make them sustainable for cloud use. Our experts will identify a smart approach to integrating a cloud strategy into your overall business strategy.


Become more confident in the security of your network and enterprise operations with our help. We deliver services such as vulnerability management, AI-enabled threat detection, fully managed security services, and enterprise asset discovery systems. Thanks to our solutions, you will identify and eliminate threats before they cause any problems.

Database design & administration

Whether it’s selling products or managing internal business processes, a database is an essential infrastructure component. It keeps your data optimized and delivers it to employees or customers quickly. Our experts have architected a large number of databases and data-driven applications for our enterprise clients. They have a firm grasp over the fundamentals of database design and apply best industry practices to every solution we deliver.

Network administration

We know how to keep computer networks up-to-date and operating as required using our expertise in network administration. We make sure to cover all your business needs in line with your budget. Our specialists offer comprehensive support for wired and wireless networks to guarantee the continuous performance of your company’s network infrastructure.

Network engineering

Our experts will evaluate your organization’s current and long-term requirements to make sure that our recommendations are in line with your network investments. We deliver services spanning from planning and design of network expansion to network diagnostics, deployment, and integration. Leverage our network expertise to build a fully secure and cohesive environment.

IT security & infrastructure

Security is a critical aspect of any IT infrastructure initiative. A secure network ensures that sensitive data is fully protected and provides employees with an uninterrupted connection. Organizations need to evaluate their system and network performance for potential security flaws and vulnerabilities regularly. Thanks to our experience in architecting IT infrastructures, we ensure that the systems we develop satisfy both the operational and security requirements of our clients.

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