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The world is becoming highly digitized, business models and society will be critically dependent on technology to function. This strong digitization creates new vulnerabilities, complicit attacks, and disruptive cyber threats. To be well prepared, organizations will have to inquire frequently about the threat horizon. This will provide a valuable way of reviewing an organization's strategy in information risks, IT security, and identifying what needs to be changed.

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Information risk management

Information risk management

Information risk management is about policies, procedures, and practical implementation, whereby risks are mapped and drawn up. Terms such as Risk Assessment, Business Impact Analysis (BIA), and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) are important parts of IRM.

Risk is the probability of an event and the consequences that follow it. In other words, the risk is based on threat, weakness, and consequences. There is no such thing as risk-free, the question for organizations must be what are manageable risks.

IT Security

IT Security

IT security is not limited to one discipline, but it is much broader such as architecture and infrastructure management, cybersecurity, testing, and especially information security (InfoSec).

InfoSec is taking due care to protect the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of critical business assets based on the CIA Triad. Any IT security program must take a holistic view of an organization's security needs and implement the proper physical, technical, and administrative controls to meet those objectives.

Our Process

Maxima Information Risk Management and IT Security Services Process

Three key elements of InfoSec


Define and enforce certain access levels of information. Ensuring that only the correct and authorized user(s) and system(s) can read, change, and use data is key.


This is an essential component of the CIA Triad and is designed to protect data from deletion or modification from any unauthorized party, and it ensures that when an authorized person makes a change that should not have been made the damage can be reversed.


High availability systems ensure that the information needs to be available when they are needed.

Maxima certified security professionals have a complete understanding of the business they support and ensure that the IT security strategy is intelligence-led. We help in identifying, classifying the information, and assessing potential information security risks in processes, infrastructure, and applications, recommending mitigations to reduce the risks to an acceptable level. Our professionals understand how the business understands, measures, tolerates, and reports risk. Thanks to their support the rest of the business will understand the importance of IT security. That makes it easier to put it in the context of business and infrastructure risks.

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