Digital Innovation

Digital innovation is the core driver of every organization. Industry leaders strive to digitize internal operations to make their workforce happier and more productive, discover new ways to engage users, and bring brand-new products and services to market faster. Organizations across every sector are pressured to innovate because of increased competition from disruptive startups. They need to find a faster path to transform innovative ideas into applications that win on the market.

Digital innovation services from seasoned providers like Maxima Consulting can set your organization on the right track to digital transformation. Our experts can help you set up innovation labs or fast-track teams capable of speeding up the ideation and delivery of applications tied to digital innovation initiatives.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

We develop ERP systems that help our clients to tie together traditional business-management solutions and build a flexible foundation for introducing more cutting-edge technologies. An ERP is a centralized data platform and a single point of truth for your teams - essential for improving the customer experience. Our ERP solutions help them to drive transformation and strategically advance their digital maturity.


Artificial Intelligence

Systems running on AI have become commonplace across enterprises looking to tap into their most precious resource, data. Our experts develop AI-based algorithms using the latest approaches in areas such as machine and deep learning. The software we create can automate any operation, help you gain insights from Big Data, and support your employees in making smart decisions for your business.


Machine Learning

Industry leaders use machine learning to harness the value of their data. Solutions based on machine learning models help to reduce costs, optimize business processes, and enhance customer satisfaction - for example, through a perfectly personalized offer. From e-commerce and healthcare to financial services and transportation, machine learning is on its way to disrupting how businesses operate.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The enterprise IT landscape is becoming increasingly complex. Large organizations rush to adopt emerging technologies to improve business outcomes and compete with digitally-native startups. However, fragmented technology segments can impact operations visibility and result in poor resource utilization and higher costs. Our experts will help you to seamlessly consolidate disparate technology products and applications to reduce your IT complexity and maximize the ROI. Let us bring your legacy systems and modern applications together into one coherent structure.


Enterprise Application Integration

We deliver RPA services to help enterprises discover new opportunities for reducing their operational expenses and creating new revenue streams. When developing RPA solutions, we focus on functionality and customer experience. This is how we ensure that employees get to fully benefit from the automation tools assisting them in daily tasks.



Define Areas of Transformation

Start by transforming a smaller process, running a pilot program, or building a proof of concept. Once you learn how it all works, you’ll be ready to scale it in line with your go-to-market strategy. Our consultants can help you every step of the way.


Create a Roadmap

Our experts gather business requirements to understand what your business needs to succeed. We then create a DX roadmap for your organization, taking into account everything we learned about your business processes.


Develop a Solution

Team up with us to create a solution that targets the problem you’re looking to address. Take advantage of battle-tested and innovative technologies.


Implement Your Solution

Our experts will help you to implement the solution, delivering essential change management processes like training sessions and workshops. This is how we ensure that the solution gains the acceptance of all stakeholders.


Optimize It

Implementation is by no means the last step in your journey. Assess how employees use the solution regularly. Identify whether it needs to be adjusted to a change in your business processes and optimize it.

1. Hire a team of specialists that can help your organization grow and win in your sector.
2. Build a team of experts to support your delivery. We offer customized models to meet your technical, operational, and budget needs.

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