A better way to manage your Cloud Infrastructure

Maxima's Lowtouch Cloud Platform is a software delivery platform that will help your company automate most of your DevIps and SysAdmin work. It’s a faster and more effective way of managing your IT infrastructure, migrate and deploying all applications to the cloud.

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Maxima Cloud Platform is the solution to

Slow delivery processes

it reduces the amount of work needed and automates repetitive tasks Dropping customer satisfaction: thanks to AppZ you will respond to requests faster and fix issues quickly.

System downtime

it’s available 24/7 and lets you polish your systems to make them constantly available

Big Costs of ownership

AppZ reduces the deployment and post-deployment costs with the use of Stacks Lots of manual work: End-to-End Automation streamlines the operations and reduces human errors

Poor Security & compliance

it controls the access to systems, data and keys, and limits the need for human intervention

Difficult Rollbacks

If something goes wrong you can easily roll back a deployment at the push of a button.

Out of the box solutions

Leverage the best of leading open source solutions.

Automate Application and Infrastructure Deployments
Deliver software in minutes
Eliminate downtime
Reduce Risk of errors
Cut migration costs by 50-70%
Reduce Total cost of ownership by up to 30%
Improve security and compliance
Simplify Disaster Recovery

Batteries Included

Full support for application onboarding,integration, and support.

Maxima Lowtouch Cloud Platform Services

A platform for scaling your company

Automate provisioning, compliance, and management of your IT infrastructure thanks to built-in templates. There are 100s of building blocks, so engineering teams can start developing using their favorite stacks in minutes.

With AppZ your team can protect sensitive data and automate a significant part of your security. All of the stacks are scanned at build-time and daily to minimize any risks of potential vulnerabilities or misconfigurations.

After deploying applications you can safely iterate thanks to progressive delivery and integrated security. The stacks will detect and fix issues automatically, if not, alerts will be triggered. AppZ enables applications to grow and shrink with built-in clustering, replication, HA & DR

AppZ dashboard provides a single pane of glass with features like analytical view, incident management, alerts, logs, audit trails, billing and cost projections. Operations monitoring is enabled by close to real time log collection for all applications deployed by AppZ Low Touch Cloud

Case Study

After implementing AppZ at our client we’ve achieved results that have significantly impacted the whole company. The main problem was that deployments and upgrades took the client’s team over 24 hours and sometimes even 72 Hours! Over 50 people had to wait for all components to come up for sign-off. In addition to that the deployments often failed and had to be manually re-triggered, but thanks to AppZ the client achieved:

$6.3 million +

in savings on software, infrastructure and day-2 operations over 3 years

12000 +

man-hours saved annually during deployments

8000 %

man-hours saved in form-submissions

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How we do it

  • 1

    Source Control

    The first component in the AppZ pipeline is the source control system.

  • 2

    AppZGitOps Engine

    When code changes are committed in the source control system, it alerts AppZ Engine, the AppZ engine then pulls the code, validates, builds, tests, scans, signs and pushes it to a repo. It then triggers the approval workflow, if one is configured.

  • 3

    Workflow Manager

    Approvers will receive emails with details of the change, build, deployment, etc., who can then either approve or reject the change

  • 4

    Deployment Manager

    Once the deployment is approved, the deployment manager takes the image and deploys it to the set target environment. Deployments can be configured to re-create, rolling-update or blue-green based on customer requirements.

  • 5

    Monitor (Dashboard)

    Once deployed, the operations team can log in to the AppZ dashboard and monitor the server parameters, performance, and logs.


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