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At Maxima Consulting, we have many years of experience in assisting financial institutions in cloud migration projects. We believe that every business could profit from this technology. Our specialists migrate traditional IT infrastructures into a combination of cloud services to provide an always-on, flexible setup that easily adapts to business pressures and helps to accelerate innovation.

The key mission of our cloud services is to help our customers benefit from the available cloud services, enable efficient operations, and discover new opportunities by leveraging cloud capabilities.




Public cloud services operate on the basis of a pay-as-you-go system, allowing users to pay for only the services and resources they actually use. There’s no need to invest upfront in building data centers for services used for a limited duration.



Organizations move to the cloud primarily because public cloud services offer unparalleled flexibility. They enable businesses to quickly meet business demands as required and accelerate time to market.



Cloud-based solutions foster teamwork and collaboration because they allow teams to freely share, access, and edit data regardless of the location. All the updates are visible in real-time by all teammates for transparent and productive collaboration.


Resource Pooling

The cloud service provider’s resources can be pooled to serve multiple consumers. Such resources include storage, processing, memory, and network bandwidth.


Advanced Reporting

Cloud services enable users to measure, control, and report on resource utilization in advance to help in planning.



Cloud service providers invest a lot in securing their infrastructures. They employ a wide range of policies and controls to protect virtualized data, applications, and services from cybersecurity threats.

Cloud Migration

Our cloud experts will help to streamline your transition to the cloud. We have the experience and know-how to identify the best migration strategy based on your business objectives, whether it’s IaaS or a cloud-native approach like microservices.


Take advantage of our DevOps expertise to build a robust process for software development. Add the automation and monitoring features your development teams need to ship high-quality code.

Cloud Consulting

To reap the benefits of cloud-based solutions, you need a seasoned team of cloud experts capable of delivering a perfectly customized cloud infrastructure. Our engineers architect innovative multi- and hybrid cloud strategies by picking the best services from leading providers and delivering a strategy that supports your business needs.

Cloud Computing

Our experts help organizations to build sophisticated cloud solutions such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS on a winning combination of public, private, and hybrid clouds. We’re also here to assist you in end-to-end cloud adoption, helping you to choose the right match from the most innovative cloud approaches and technologies.

Cloud Optimization

We can help you to evaluate your existing cloud infrastructure, identify overprovisioning, cloud waste, or under-utilized resources, and help you to optimize your cloud infrastructure in terms of cost without compromising your flexibility, security, and resilience. Our experts will provide you with recommendations on how to reduce your cloud bill.


GitOps is the next step of Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Our DevOps experts help organizations to leverage Git as the single source of truth and a control mechanism used for creating, updating, and deleting system architecture.

Differences between public, private, and hybrid clouds

Public cloud

The most common type of cloud computing deployment, public clouds offer resources that are owned and operated by cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure. These providers own and manage all the hardware, software, and other supporting infrastructure.

Pros of public cloud:
» No need to invest in the procurement and maintenance of hardware or software
» You pay only for the services you use
» Availability of on-demand resources to scale your operations
» A vast network of servers offers reliability.

Private cloud

A private cloud is a set of cloud computing resources used exclusively by one organization. It can be physically located at an on-site data center or hosted by a third-party service provider. The services and infrastructure are maintained on a private network, and all the hardware and software are dedicated to your organization only.

Pros of private cloud:
» Possibility to freely customize your cloud environment to meet specific business needs.
» More control over the resources that aren’t shared with others
» Greater privacy
» More scalability compared to on-premises infrastructure.

Hybrid cloud

A hybrid cloud combines on-premises infrastructure (or a private cloud) with a public cloud, allowing data and applications to move between the two environments. Many organizations choose this approach because it allows meeting regulatory and data sovereignty requirements, addressing low latency issues and making the most of their investment in on-prem technology.

Pros of hybrid cloud:
» Greater control of sensitive assets or workloads that require low latency that can be placed on private cloud/on-prem
» Opportunity to leverage additional resources in the public cloud
» Ability to scale to the public cloud easily
» Easier transition to the cloud thanks to gradual migration.

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