Testing And QA

We understand that businesses are faced with several competitive constraints when it comes to providing quality IT applications. Poorly tested software can have detrimental bottom line impacts on business and organization performance. We value end user expectations and take a holistic view to Testing and Quality Assurance.

At Maxima Consulting Inc., we offer reliable and comprehensive quality assurance testing services. Our focus is on providing efficient and high quality testing processes and executive management that reduce overheads and time to market for the clients. Our skills include:

  • White Box And Web Services
  • Automation, Functional and Performance Testing
  • Usability, Security, Load and Mobile Testing
  • Latest Tool Analysis, Testing Technologies and Proof of Concept

We employ functional testing with the objective to reduce the number of errors found in later phases. We use software testing to uncover system vulnerabilities to provide protection to data and resources of the enterprise from threats. We work on multiple areas like network, system software, client side and server side application security.

Our usability testing ensures that completed applications are easy, efficient and valuable to the users in the long run. Load testing is done to provide understanding of the system behavior under exact loads thus relieving any bottlenecks at early stages itself. We specialize in provide mobile testing and validation for application software that are developed for hand-held devices.

Our experience in specialized testing enables our clients to get timely metrics in order to make proactive business assessments. This helps them in predicting risks and reducing defects while stabilizing and improving the quality of production. A robust testing strategy is one which is able to ensure tangible performance, quality and cost results in tune with the competitive business environment.

Among others, Maxima takes into account configuration management process, schedule pressures, tools, insufficient release and metrics, to tailor a client focused QA process. Our robust governance model that integrates people, method and process based assets improves efficiency to give you near zero defects. Our team works to transform, sustain and optimize Testing and QA. We continuously improve practices in order to customize client specific methodologies.

Our excellent test discipline and domain expertise allows us to offer our clients with business values such as:

  • Innovative and Service Oriented Team
  • Superior Predictability and Performance of your IT Systems
  • Consistent and re-usable standards and frameworks
  • Comprehensive interfaces with all stakeholders
  • Tool and Platform Proficiency
  • Testing for defects, prevention as well as early detection of defects
  • Robust Regulatory Compliance
  • Reduced Total Cost of Quality and Total Cost of Ownership
  • Competent Time to Market Processes