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Taking the next level approach

With the growing complexity in the IT industry, QA holds the key in assisting business in making perspective and intelligent decisions. The quality of business decisions is dependent upon the quality of the provided data and the value of findings it delivers. An effective testing can help to ensure data credibility through a comprehensive test strategy that includes test planning, infrastructure and QA teams, developers and business users.
Maxima brings more than 20 years of experience of helping companies ensure that their product, systems, application and platforms perform the ideal way that they should.

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We ensure quality test design

Choosing Maxima Functional testing of applications remains an essential component of our QA process. Business needs, rapid product/application take-offs, varying technologies, modernization of systems and operational efficiency enhancements are some of the key drivers for application testing services.
At Maxima, we bring the strong domain and technology expertise to ensure quality test design and optimum coverage with minimized risk to production. In addition, we ensure the use of emerging digital technologies to address the growing complexities of applications for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of functional testing.

Our Services

As an industry-leading assurance services provider, we bring strong domain knowledge, technical and managerial independence through our proven functional testing methodology driven by our asset-based functional testing framework.

Our application testing services consist of the following:

Functionality Testing

Our functionality testing process covers complex as well as basic functionalities. This includes, workflows, process flows, transactions, reports, forms, database communication and third party services integration.

System Integration Testing
User Acceptance Testing
Compatibility testing
Maxima Key Differentiators

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