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In the present era, most of the organizations are fighting with a sea full of competitors to establish their monopoly in the market. Amidst fierce competitive business environment is one of the most important things is end user-experience.

We understand that businesses are faced with several competitive constraints when it comes to providing quality IT applications. Poorly tested software can have detrimental bottom line impacts on business and organization performance. We value end user expectations and take a holistic view to Testing and Quality Assurance.

At Maxima Consulting Inc., we offer reliable and comprehensive quality assurance testing services. Our focus is on providing efficient and high quality testing processes and executive management that reduce overheads and time to market for the clients



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Application Testing

Choosing Maxima Functional testing of applications remains an essential component of our QA process. See More

Automation and Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering Practices is what we always follow, thanks to the levers of thoughtful Automation. See More

Testing as a cloud based

Offering On-Demand Cloud based testing services that saves time and money. See More

Our Performance Testing & QA services include:

Maxima Consulting Inc. offers the most reliable and comprehensive Performance Testing & QA services to a large pool of clients. Our main focus is to provide high-quality testing processes which help to reduce overheads and time to market for our clients. Our skills include:

  1. White Box And Web Services
  2. Automation, Functional and Performance Testing
  3. Usability, Security, Load and Mobile Testing
  4. Latest Tool Analysis, Testing Technologies and Proof of Concept


 Benefits of Choosing Maxima

With Maxima Consulting Inc. Performance Testing & QA services can ensure you high-performance apps with best TAT. Our robust governance model that integrates people, method and process based assets improves efficiency to give you near zero defects. Our team works to transform, sustain and optimize Testing and QA. We continuously improve practices in order to customize client specific methodologies. Our process highlights include:

  • Early identification of tailbacks
  • Faster start for scalability plans
  • Save cost by identifying load issues
  • Peace of mind and confidence

How does it work at Maxima ?

To fully and efficiently exercise the application we identify the weaknesses and benchmark issues. The issues are then taken through different facets of Performance testing & QA. Below are some of the parameters which we consider.

  • Define normal and heavy loads for every application
  • Define normal and heavy data transfer for every application
  • Define prospective business growth
  • Define normal and heavy data transfer for every application
  • Design tests to validate system performance for every defined load
  • Execute tests, gather vital data and log benchmarks