Maxima Consultancy Services

Maxima Consulting, Inc. is known for delivering the latest solutions addressing any kind of business need which helps business overcome challenges and accelerate growth with technical innovations. Since inception, we have been passionate about achieving better results for our clients—results which go way beyond the financial parameters only as they are pragmatic, complete and lasting.

Our Service Offerings include:

APPS Development

Apps development is a very intricate, dynamic, and expensive process. To drive successful outcomes and to meet your business requirements effectively you need a partner to deliver not only the requested code, but also provide consulting, innovate and support when needed. At Maxima, as we have the expertise and also the proven track record of delivering steady results.

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Integration Services

In the present business era, one of the main focuses of most of the companies is to integrate, consolidate and store data from diverse systems and further convert it to useful intelligence which helps them drive additional revenue and profit growth. Maxima offers end to end integration services through BI, performance management and advanced analytics.

Managed Services

With the Technology environment undergoing rapid changes and increasing platform diversity, this has imposed the challenge on most of the businesses to efficiently manage their IT infrastructure. Meeting the needs of these rapid technological challenges is Maxima’s top priority; our offerings are comprehensive, flexible and cost effective and cover all the elements of the IT infrastructure.

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Testing & QA

Amidst fierce competitive business environment, one of the most important things is end user-experience. User experience is directly related to software or system performance and Maxima offers the most reliable and comprehensive Performance Testing & QA services to a large pool of clients.