Magic Report

What is Magic Report

Magic Report allows the users to run the reports against the information stored in the data store and derives useful insights and intelligence which is a must to make sound business decisions.

Data Store

Professional Decision-Making Support And Business Intelligence Based On The Information Held Within Your Business Database.

The data store of the business is a repository for persistently storing collections of data which is imperative for the business. Data store is designed to store business data securely and also to make it easier to refer to the data at any given point of time. Data store can be called the brain of the business as it is the one point where business stores all its valuable data.

Data Store

Key Features of Magic Report

Standard database panel to create reports

With Reporter Studio, the user is provided with a standard database panel to create the report. This is independent of the database the user is working on.

Input and design
Publish Reports
Supports All Databases

Our product Magic Report supports nearly any relational database. Even unstructured data can be easily harnessed using Hadoop/Cassandra drivers and turns into supportable format if any database is not supported. It is the flexibility of Magic report that it makes the product appropriate to almost any kind of business scenarios.

Benefits of using Magic Report

  • Financial Management
  • Status Reporting and Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Issue & Risk Management
  • Resource Management
  • Master Planning
  • Quality Management
  • Knowledge & Scope Management