Exadata, Netezza

About IBM’s Netezza 

IBM PureData System – Netezza simplifies analytics for companies loaded with huge data and struggling to find good processing speed and power to analyze and understand.


Netezza delivers Unique System Design

Netezza has employed a unique system design for almost a decade. This helps to avert the complexities and enables exceptionally rapid application development, deployment, and execution of analytical workloads in an effective manner.

The Netezza data warehouse appliance is proven to provide true business value to customers very quickly with minimal investments of money, time, and effort.


About Oracle’s Exadata

Oracle Exadata systems are designed to accelerate performance for conventional Oracle data warehouse environments.



Benefits of Exadata

The Oracle Exadata Database machine is a modern framework, engineered to run databases and to scale out database servers. The main benefit of Exadata is its speed. It hosts operating systems, CPU, memory, and hard drives.

It runs all types of databases, including online transaction systems, processors and data warehouses, while solving poor performances of old database architecture.

Implementing Exadata or Netezza with Maxima Consulting Incl.

Maxima Consulting Incl., has gained immense experience in installing Exadata and Netezza for various clients. We can efficiently help you to adopt one of this platform for your enterprise. Our Exadata and Netezza expertise include reliable and result-proven services for the following components:

  • Database nodes
  • Storage servers
  • Cell servers
  • Infiniband switches
  • Oracle ASR
  • Monitoring through 12c OEM
  • Best practices for OLTP and Data Warehouse
  • Exadata and Netezza specific performance tuning


Effective Assistance

Our team of proficient Exadata and Netezza experts can be your guide in the journey of database migration from existing business to these data warehouses and big data analytics solutions. We support you in the end to end journey right from feasibility, planning, designing and deployment to simplify the process. We provide effective assistance for the Oracle Exadata generation that ranges between X2 to up-to-date X5 along with Exadata component support. In addition, we also have expertise with IBM’s TwinFin and Skimmer.


Analyzing big data

Let us be your guide in implementation of modern database and easing your efforts for managing and analyzing big data with our technological support !