Big Data and Hadoop


Secured Storage

Management of large sets of structured and unstructured data was a tedious job until Big Data came into the picture and revolution happened. Business data in zillions of bytes are produced and exchanged amongst machineries.

On the other hand, the data requires secured storage too. Storing it through relational databases is a costly affair. Searching for required data and parallel processing on this complex mesh of data, and at the same time on hundreds of devices has left many enterprises scratching their heads. Even outsourcing data management has its own pros and cons.

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Manage Big Data with Maxima

Maxima Consulting Inc., utilizes the open source platform of Hadoop that enables big data applications for both operations and analytics and it is one of the fastest-growing technologies providing competitive advantage for businesses across industries.

We enhance this enterprise viable data platform to withstand the big data of your enterprise along with our business intelligence to offer developer and user friendly solution for complex, large scale analytics.

Maxima services also includes:

Maxima extends various services when it comes to Big Data and Hadoop to ensure that not only big data approaching from multiple sources, but is even processed and analysed speedily to reduce turnaround time and give your organization a competitive edge.

Maxima provides the following services, among others related to Big Data and Hadoop:

  • Entire Hadoop Ecosystem
  • MapReduce, open-source projects like Apache Hive, Pig and Hbase
  • Hadoop infrastructure setup and support
  • Cloudera’s solutions, including Impala, Search, Cloudera Manager, Navigator and Enterprise BDR



At Maxima Consulting Inc., our team of professionals possesses a good knowledge base and our adept at harnessing Hadoop and resolving complex data processing requirements. We ensure to provide you capabilities that you expect and matching to critical data center deployments.

Our services for Hadoop and big data are one-stop-shop strategy which includes ready to install hadoop appliances, advanced ecosystem integration and all essentials required for support and setup of hadoop.

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Take advantage of all this along with Maxima’s world class services, and our technology support combined in one integrated package. For further enquiries please contact our sales representatives immediately.