Exadata, Netezza

Database Machine by Oracle Exadata and IBM Netezza are the leading IT information framework, which are engineered to streamline the positioning and maintenance of distinct combos of databases. With the integration of Exadata or Netezza, the deployment duration reduces to days, which otherwise takes months to complete.

As Exadata and Netezza experts, Maxima Consulting Inc. offers excellent guidance on how to adopt one of these platforms for your business. Our skilled and experienced team guides you throughout the process of database migration from existing business to these data warehouse and big data analytics solutions. All stages including feasibility, planning, designing and deployment will be discussed thoroughly with you by our team in order to make the process smooth.

We provide effective assistance for Oracle Exadata generation that ranges between X2 to up-to-date X5 along with Exadata component support. In addition to that, we also have expertise in IBM’s TwinFin and Skimmer.

Our Exadata and Netezza expertise include reliable and result-proven services for the following components:

  • Database Nodes
  • Storage Servers
  • Cell Servers
  • Infiniband Switches
  • Oracle ASR
  • Monitoring through 12c OEM
  • Best practices for OLTP and Data Warehouse
  • Exadata and Netezza specific performance tuning.