Magic Report

“Professional Decision-Making Support And Business Intelligence Based On The Information Held Within Your Business Database.”

All the software systems store the business data in a data store, so that it is recorded and can be referred at any time. The business data store has all the data that is essential for the business. Each of the software system will have data specific to the kind of business it is designed to serve.

Magic Report allows you to run the reports against this information and derive the intelligence that is required to make sound business decisions.

With Reporter Studio, a standard database panel is provided to the user to create the report. This is independent of the database the user is working on. The designer part of the product gives you full flexibility in deciding the input and design of your report. The output of the report designer is a standard jasper xml and is in a human readable format. Thus the generation of this xml can also be automated. Report designed by the designer can be published to the Magic Report server.

Magic Report supports almost any relational database. It also supports unstructured data that can be harnessed using Hadoop/Cassandra drivers. It provides an extensible way if any of the database is not supported. This flexibility makes the product suitable to any of the business scenario whether small, medium or large.

* This product is in development phase.

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