Microsoft launches new tools for.Net Core

Microsoft launches new tools for.Net Core

Microsoft has released version 1.0 of its .Net Core Tools. They work with .Net Core, Microsoft’s general-purpose cross-platform development platform that can be used for device, cloud, and IoT development.

Supported on Windows, Linux, and MacOS, the tools can be used with the Visual Studio Code editor, at the command line, or with Visual Studio 2017.

The 1.0 release features interoperability between .Net Core, .Net Standard, and .Net Framework projects, enabling, for example, a .Net Core project to add a reference to a .Net Standard project. Developers also can easily configure continuous build integration for an ASP.Net Core application with Docker support and continuous delivery to Azure Container Services from within Visual Studio.

The tools offer MS Build support for .Net Core projects, featuring a simplified csproj project format that makes it easier to edit by hand, and support for file wildcards so that developers don’t have to enumerate all source file names.

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