Our Roots

About Maxima Consulting Inc.

Maxima Consulting, Inc. started its journey to success in the year 1993 and since then we have been providing technology and consulting services to leading multinational establishments across the globe.

The credit of Maxima’s on-going success goes to our excellent ability to reinvent unremittingly along with the vigorously changing business environment.

  •  We are an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified company and we endeavour hard to follow the industry’s best standards.

About Maxima






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About Proven Record as Technical Innovators

Maxima Consulting, Inc. is known for delivering the latest solutions addressing any kind of business needs which helps businesses overcome challenges and accelerate growth with technical innovations. We have worked with top executives to help them make sound business decisions, actively convert those decisions into actions and further deliver the sustainable success they always plea.

  •  It is the unique work culture and approach which helps us to deliver enduring results, we believe in doing the right thing for our clients, our people and our communities.


“To be the most sought after global software development services provider dedicated to delivering REAL VALUE to our customers.”

Maxima Consulting, Inc. continually strives to accomplish a status of a consulting firm that delivers a comprehensive range of IT services with profound expertise.We are committed to simplifying technology for everyone and developing lifelong associations by promising ultimate customer satisfaction.We value the contribution of all the stakeholders and the role they have played in our growth.We wish to be a part of everyone’s life and contribute to their betterment in our own way.




“To build a world class organization committed to exceeding our customers and shareholders expectations in the products and services we provide by fostering the creativity, integrity and excellence of our people.”

We aim to accomplish success by ensuring our clients have right resources at the right time to increase the potential of their business. We constantly encourage our team to be innovative and experimental for continued excellence.Through our values of timely delivery, sincerity, integrity and commitment, we wish to stand strong against our competition while also improving our processes and services simultaneously.

What We Do

Since inception, we have been passionate about achieving better results for our clients; results which go beyond the financial parameters only as they are pragmatic, complete and lasting.

APPS Development
Integration Services
Performance Testing & QA
Infrastructure Managed Services
Deliver the best
We work hard to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders and deliver only the best.
Fortune 500 companies
Our clientele includes many Fortune 500 Companies, Financial Institutions and Governmental and Administrative agencies.
Approach and Strategies

Discover Maxima

We have worked with top executives to help them make sound business decisions, actively convert those decisions into actions and further deliver the sustainable success they always plea.

Our Portfolio

Why Choose Maxima

When someone asks why choose Maxima Consulting, Inc. it becomes quite tempting to point out our track records. We have helped number of top multinational corporations to transform into sharper, smarter and better business organisations. Its our mission that helps us creates such high levels of customer satisfaction and become the top choice for so many clients across a number of industries.

We endure an endless bond

One simple fact that sets us apart from the sea of competitors is our committment to our clients. With our top Services and solutions we help them reach their business goals.

Serve all types of industries

Maxima Consulting, Inc. works across all types of industries and with all kinds of clients.

On time & in budget service

We at Maxima, understand the importance of time and money, hence we always ensure to deliver on time and within budget services.

Why choose Maxima

Employees the true assets

At Maxima Consulting, Inc. we consider our employees to be our true assets. It is our team and their values which make us stand out of the crowd.

The trust factor

We don’t take this trust factor lightly, we are just not service providers for our clients but they view us as partners and this is because of the trust they have in us.

The Intangibles

The above was just one part of the story, as the rest of the story is the intangibles which cannot be touched or financially measured.

Our Customers

Customers are the heart of everything that we do. Their satisfaction is a key driver for our business and we truly believe that delivering what our customers want is the best way to grow our company. Its only when a happy customer spreads good words about your company that your business grow more. We strive to win our customers trust  to create long lasting partnerships.