Employee Growth & Benefits

Employee Learning and Development Programs

Practice is the hardest part of Learning, and Training is essence of transformation. The objective of training is to allow error without consequences. At Maxima, there are multitudes of Learning and Development opportunities. An Individual is exposed to a variety of in-house Trainings every year through e-learning, causal interaction and classroom-based learning.

Employees are encouraged to develop their knowledge, skills & capabilities in the terms of technical expertise, domain knowledge, career development and management.


employee benefits

Employee Benefits

We are proud to be an employer of diverse, talented, and hard-working individuals. Our employees are the reason why this company has achieved global success. However, we understand that there is more to life than work alone. Maxima offer our eligible employees comprehensive health and welfare plans, along with other ancillary benefits, to help our employees maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We know how important it is to plan for your future and retirement. Maxima also offer a 401 (k) plan for our eligible employees to help you reach your financial goals.

Employee Benefit polices

  • Medical coverage for yourself and your family members
  • 401(k) retirement plan*
  • Holiday and vacation pay*
  • Dental & Vision coverage for yourself and your family members*
  • Direct deposit services*
  • Fully Sponsored Green Card*
  • Life Insurance for yourself and your family members*

Support for Higher Education

Continuing education is a direction that some of our employees may want to pursue and we encourage personal and professional growth. Our company offers a tuition reimbursement plan for individuals who would like to continue his or her education.

Our company continues to grow and reach higher levels of company achievement because of the innovate thinking of our employees. Maxima offers Immigration Sponsorship to employees who qualify to establish permanent residency.

Begin your path to a new career.

*Applicable for US Employees*

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