Data Warehousing And Business Integration

Thousands of terabytes of data around the globe are transformed into concrete time and fact based information systems by businesses as part of their development strategy. This is done with the help of their end to end business integration and data housing warehousing services. From business integration assessment, monitoring, reporting to financial planning, corporate performance management and master data management, a whole set of services have become essential for the business to grow in the globally competitive business environment.

Any and every flourishing business requires a steady foundation on which their data warehousing and business integration design is based on. A host of services are covered under the data warehousing and business integration services, the core concerns of which constitute some of the services that become an integral part of the data warehousing maintenance include analysis, retrieval, extraction, transformation, loading, managing and monitoring of data at different levels to ensure a steady flow of the data.

At Maxima Consulting Inc., we are able to offer our clients strategic management of data for operational, customer and vendor efficiencies through:

  • Analytics and Research
  • Planning and Production Support
  • Leveraging Offshore Locations
  • Bridging IT Services and Business Processes
  • Offering Insights into End to End Costs
  • Data Integration, Management and Intelligence Development
  • Enterprise Data Profiling
  • Ware House Appliances and Modeling
  • Database Design, Testing and Governance
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Business Impact Frameworks
  • Sufficiency in Data Availability Harmonization
  • Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) Packages, Replication and Store Procedures
  • Systematic Data Mining for Enhanced Data Visualization, Correlation and User Experiences

At Maxima, our priority is evaluation of client’s current state of data architecture and strategies so as to choose and implement the appropriate solutions for knowledge systems which are timely, accurate and reliable. Our team of professionals with hands on experience in the best of industry ETL tools strives to design, built and improve upon the warehousing and integration schemes for its IT and business users.

Since well-designed and implemented information systems are cutting across platforms and users are the backbone of any strong business data model, we make sure that our clients get a collaborative team with critical and demonstrated planning and support solution for achieving innovation, flexibility, transparency and higher performance targets for a complete return on investment and total cost of ownership keeping in mind current and future needs of our client.