Application Development Services


Over the years Maxima Consulting Inc. has created a niche in the domain of application development and support services. It has been able to provide its clients with innovatively customized solutions for their individual IT requirements. Our expert solutions are driven by our ability to combine together pioneering as well as nascent technologies from a broad range of industries. At Maxima, we believe in setting business benchmarks by following best of quality processes and frameworks that deliver cost effective, time bound, market oriented solutions while proficiently mitigating the operational risks.

With a penchant for content and portal management, we focus in providing a seamless global delivery network that pays detailed attention to the bespoke requirements of enterprises. We realize the importance of technology for emerging businesses, and keeping in tune with this we provide flexible, secure and high quality applications which are not only easy to install but also easy to sustain. We collaborate, define, design, test, run and support applications on the solid foundations of sustainable and ethical management systems. Our systems continuously assess performance improvement for standardization, safeguard of investment and resource benefits overcoming barriers such as staffing, field defects, low productivity and time-to-market among others.

Solution Offered

We create, direct and optimize applications, enterprise platforms and systems that are based on JAVA and J2EE, Microsoft .NET, SOA, Integration and Messaging. We offer 24 x 7 monitoring and management of application operations including production and middleware product support as well as WebSphere High Availability and total life cycle development solution. These services are being utilized as part of the core strategies of businesses which are increasingly relying on technological innovations to mitigate labor, time, budget and market oriented constraints for an engaging user experience. Thus our support network specializes in problem management and incident resolution, trend, error and cause analysis, while fixing breaks. In addition to this we provide an all-inclusive application infrastructure environment for testing, release and change support, user administration, patch, configuration and emergency management.

Our application development and support services include the following:

Client Benefits

Our support and delivery teams work closely with the customers in order to find a balance between our domain expertise and innovative technologies on one hand and the entrepreneurial and end user necessities on the other. Our goal is to make sure that our clients are able to harvest sustainable profitable business returns on their investments. This is achieved keeping in mind the cost and time taken for adapting to technologies, increased productivity for the end user and ethical operational methodologies. Hence we map, conceptualize and execute technologies keeping in tune with our vision of a total life cycle approach to application development and upgradation.