About Us

Maxima Consulting, Inc. has been in the business of providing the best of technology and consulting services to a diversity of clients from different industries since 1993. We are an outsourcing company with our workforce serving many Fortune 500 companies, Financial Institutions, Governmental and Administrative agencies across three continents. Maxima’s Consulting, Inc’s name is synonymous with reinvention and resuscitating technology to meet the varying requirements of continually changing business milieu.

We help customers expand their business through our comprehensive range of services such as Cloud Computing, Big Data Analysis, Application Development and Information Management among others. We dedicate our success to our client’s trust in our policies, approach and strategies. Our consultants work incessantly to deliver pragmatic solutions to meet complex business needs and challenges.

We believe in a rigorous analysis of every challenge in the view of providing a customized solution.  Maxima Consulting, Inc. keeps a close watch on international trends and techniques to offer a world-class set of subject matter experts, robust technology and systematic frameworks.

Adhering to High Quality and Secure Standards is our Forte.


Maxima Consulting, Inc. continually strives to accomplish a status of a consulting firm that delivers a comprehensive range of IT services with profound expertise.

We are committed to simplifying technology for everyone and developing lifelong associations by promising ultimate customer satisfaction.

We value the contribution of all the stakeholders and the role they have played in our growth.

We wish to be a part of everyone’s life and contribute to their betterment in our own way.


We aim to accomplish success by ensuring our clients have right resources at the right time to increase the potential of their business. We work hard to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders and deliver only the best.

We constantly encourage our team to be innovative and experimental for continued excellence.

Through our values of timely delivery, sincerity, integrity and commitment, we wish to stand strong against our competition while also improving our processes and services simultaneously.